Automotive Back-End Services and Connected Multimedia

Connexis is a pioneer of telematics and connected multimedia.

We work in partnership with vehicle manufacturers worldwide to deliver a full range of competitively priced vehicle communications service offerings in traditional telematics and connected multimedia.

Our flexible solutions include:

  • The full range of traditional telematics services such as concierge service, ACN and manual E‑call, remote door / window / HVAC control, and remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Android-based in‑vehicle application management environments
  • Downloadable applications in 26 languages
  • Seamless integration of a full, customized package of name-brand applications and content
  • Back-end platform, based on NGTP, that enables customers to use multiple providers of content and services
  • Implementation of application stores for automotive multimedia architectures
  • Engineering support such as probe data collection and knowledge base maintenance

Our back-end platform works with any communications protocol, using an embedded device or the driver’s mobile phone, and is flexible and scalable to allow agile changes and expansion in service offerings.

We support vehicle manufacturers and their customers from facilities in the U.S., Japan, and China.

Connexis enables innovative services and business models that build long-term value and strengthen our customers’ brands.