Management Team


Kenji Ikeura – President

Kenji Ikeura is President of Connexis. Mr. Ikeura is responsible for the strategic development and coordination of business relations worldwide. He joined Connexis in July 2007 after retiring as President of Nissan-ARC, a company formed to improve automotive technology through innovative research and development. Prior to this position, he served as Vice President of Best Practice and Competitive Intelligence at Nissan. 
Mr. Ikeura holds more than 200 patents. He developed the world's first microcomputer control system to manage fuel injection, spark ignition, exhaust gas recirculation, and idle speed. He also led the development of a computer control system for automatic transmissions. Later, as General Manager of Nissan's Vehicle Research Laboratory, he guided the development of video-based lane keeping technology and adaptive cruise control technology. 
Mr. Ikeura holds an MS in engineering from Keio University (Japan).

Paul Barnard – Chief Technology Officer
Paul Barnard is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Barnard is responsible for ensuring that Ygomi’s IT infrastructure, research, and software development efforts produce world-class solutions. Mr. Barnard is an IT industry veteran with a 20-year track record of helping organizations more effectively design, develop and deliver leading-edge technology products.
Before Mr. Barnard joined the Ygomi companies in 2006, he was Vice President of Engineering for IP Wireless, with responsibility for the development and enhancement of IP Wireless’s UMTS-TDD wireless infrastructure and modem equipment, helping to grow engagements with key customers. Earlier in his career, Mr. Barnard held a number of R&D leadership positions for Nortel Networks and BelAir Networks.
Mr. Barnard holds a BS in electrical and electronic engineering from Portsmouth Polytechnic (United Kingdom).