Automotive Applications and Content

Connexis offers a full range of applications and content, supporting vehicle manufacturers and Tier‑1 suppliers from product development through rollout and steady-state operations.

We develop customized packages of Android-based automotive multimedia applications. Our application development and testing includes middleware and end-user applications.

Our solutions can be tightly integrated with on-board equipment and are compatible with a full range of mobile devices. We provide testing during product development and ongoing interoperability testing and maintenance after start of production.

Connexis also aggregates high-quality content from well-known providers while seamlessly integrating it with our customers’ branding. Our back-end platform enables customers to use multiple suppliers, and to change suppliers as conditions change.

Our support for automotive R&D efforts includes probe data collection, data analysis and report creation, and knowledge base maintenance.


  • Android-based in‑vehicle application management environments
  • Downloadable applications in 26 languages
  • Seamless integration of a full, customized package of name-brand applications and content
  • Implementation of application stores for automotive multimedia architectures
  • Engineering support such as probe data collection and knowledge base maintenance